The Money Clip Wallet – Cool, Classy and Convenient

One of the most important clothing accessory items most people can’t do without is the wallet. It is one of the most purchased items on the market today due to its functionality. One of the most common types of wallet people buy these days is the money clip wallet.

What is a money clip wallet?

This is one of the latest additions to the clothing accessories. It has the functions of both a wallet and money clip. The wallet space looks a bit smaller than what you might find in a conventional wallet. A cool money clip wallet comes with compartments for IDs, business cards, credit cards and several other items. Unfortunately, they are not practically designed to have the same length with items such as dollar bills. Naked Wallet is your one stop online store selling all kinds of money clip wallet at affordable pricing. On one side of the wallet is a pocket for your IDs or drivers license while the other side features the money clip. The money clip is the slot where users can keep their cash. With a cool money clip wallet, be rest assured that your items including cash, driver’s license, IDs and credit cards are kept safe.


Most cool money clip wallets found on the market today are made from leather and the clip portion which features metal clip to help keep your item safe and secured is made with metal.  The most popular material used in making all types of wallets is leather because of its durability and sturdiness. However, there are other materials used including denim but are not widely accepted as the leather.

How is money clip wallet different from other types of wallet?

One of the major difference between money clip wallet and other types of wallets on the market today is that it helps keep your items such as credit cards and IDs completely separated from your cash or checks. By shopping for a classy, and cool money clip wallet, you have easy access to your cash. All you need do is to pull the cash from the clip hence saving you the stress of having to open your wallet.

Why money clip wallets?

Money clip wallets are stylishly designed, classy and more efficient and can hold a good number of cards inside. It also has two more pockets on the outer part to accommodate more business cards. If you are tired of friends and family fiddling and rifling through the wallets with the aim to try to know the exact denominations, then it’s high time you started shopping around for money clip wallets. Regardless of your preference and budget, you will find the right style that best fits your needs. This type of wallet is relatively smaller in size which makes it easier to carry about. Due to the small sizes, it will be a bit difficult to store as much items in them. So you don’t have to worry about carrying bulky wallets everywhere you go.

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