How to Select Unique Diamond Wedding Rings



Diamonds are the traditional and perfect choice for engagement and wedding rings. It is the most popular kind of gem; also, it is durable and long lasting. Choosing the perfect diamond wedding rings can be difficult at times for both the partners. From exclusive designer rings to the timeless and classic ring styles, a couple has to go through a lot of research before selecting the perfect wedding ring.

There are various wedding ring styles and gems available in the market. Choosing a diamond for your wedding ring would be the best choice for you since it is appreciated more than gold or platinum. There are countless ring designs available in the market. Therefore, to narrow your search, you have to choose the perfect cut or shape for your diamond ring.

Fancy Diamond Shapes:

The first and foremost task before selecting diamond wedding rings is to choose the perfect shape for your ring. It is important to keep in mind that the round shaped diamond rings are in trend nowadays. They are by far the most popular choice due to their incredible brilliance, light performance and fire. These diamond shapes are famous mostly because they offer maximum sparkle. Plus, round diamonds make up about three-quarters of all diamond purchases because of their presentation. Therefore, you have to decide which shape you would be best comfortable with. The princess diamonds feature contemporary beauty, which looks gorgeous in classic and geometric settings, and thus, it is second in popularity.

Other than that, your focus should be on choosing the shape which best compliments your fiancée’s hands. Furthermore, you can also find several other diamond wedding rings in oval, heart and marquise shapes. Radiant diamonds are a stunning alternative choice to the princess and also the cushion diamonds, for the couples who prefer choosing a rectangular shaped diamond ring.The cushion diamond ring is an ideal choice for vintage lovers. Plus, it would look great with a vintage inspired wedding set up. It is often said that romantic couples mostly choose the cushion-cut rings. If you’re interested in edgy fashions, then you should look for square cut diamond wedding rings.

Unique Colored Diamonds:

Most people have the misconception that diamond wedding rings should be transparent. However, the color of the diamond makes it more unique and eye-catching. There are diamond rings available in pink and blue, which are quite rare and beautiful. Moreover, yellow colored diamonds are the most popular of colored diamonds available on the market, so if you’re looking for something unique, try to consider one of these colors for your diamond wedding ring. Most of the colored diamond wedding rings in the market are artificially treated to give them color, especially the diamonds with intense colors.

Naturally colored diamonds are very rare and they cost three times more than the clear ones. Therefore, be sure to choose the unique diamond wedding ring that does not disturb your wedding budget. Visit Jewelerlab to learn more about diamond rings.

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