Don’t Hide Behind Your Ray-Bans

Do you feel that you stand out whilst wearing your Ray-Ban Sunglasses?

Don’t forget that Ray-Ban believes that individuals should never hide. The ‘Never Hide’ campaign was launched in 2007 with the intention of influencing consumers worldwide. Ray-Ban has promoted aspects of authenticity through its advertising campaign, promoting the messages; ‘Never pretend. Never be afraid. Never give up. Never Hide’. The strategy behind the new campaign was to encourage Ray-Ban customers to express their individuality without feeling the need to hide behind their shades, Ray-Bans in particular.

Ray-Ban campaigns have remained natural and authentic since this campaign was launched in 2007. The adverts are relatable to the general public as they use average people within their ads as opposed too other luxury eye wear companies who often use celebrities to promote their products. The use of real people suggests a notion of realness within the Ray-Ban brand and their products.

All of the posters and optical adverts released in association with this campaign have been based around real people in real life situations and each advert portrays a real message. For example, in 2012 Ray-Ban released what was thought to be quite a controversial advert. The advert clearly supported the gay/lesbian community in a trendy and up to date style. The image was set in 1942, a time in which homosexuality was deeply frowned upon. This image shows two middle-aged business men, walking through the streets of New York holding hands. One man is wearing a pair of Ray-Bans and shows no sign of shame despite the disapproving looks from passers-by.

Ray-Ban are encouraging the public to have courage and build a sense of identity by getting themselves a pair of Ray-Ban glasses. The advert suggests that the confidence of the man comes from wearing his Ray-Bans as he is the only one in the ad wearing them.

Another popular Ray-Ban advert portrays a fashionable mum with her two young children. They show her strutting down the street wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses, shopping bags in one hand and her mobile phone held to her ear with the other. The scene seems very casual as her daughter walks beside her walking their pet dog whilst her son runs ahead seemingly care free. The trio are highlighted in colour whereas the background scene is left in black and white.

The colour distinction highlights the difference between the older generation who are focused around work and earning a living in comparison to the modern generation in colour who seem care free in colour. The colour distinction indicates that as a society we are generally restricted from living the life we want due to societal demands such as going out and earning a living. It is suggested if we solely follow and focus on these societal demands we cannot be happy. This is evident in the portrayal of the children in the image as they have no worries and are happy and care free. In this advert Ray-Ban are making their product appear genuine and practical as they are showing it in an everyday situation. The message behind this particular campaign is that we must ‘Never Hide’ if we want to live a happy life.

Another advertisement style Ray-Ban used featured special coloring’s effects in order to encourage consumers to be bold and brave. Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd. Many Ray Ban customers have admitted that they feel that they stand out when wearing their Ray-Ban Prescription Glasses or sunglasses. This seems to be exactly what Ray-Ban were aiming for with this particular advert. The advert aims to encourage consumers to live differently and stand out in order to achieve individualism.

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